How to Choose a Starting Battery for Your RV

How to pick a starter battery for your rv

RV Batteries Part 2 What affects the life of your RV batteries? It comes down to two simple steps: how you care for them physically, and how they are used. Today in this post, we want to focus on how you use your battery. The two things that shorten the life of any lead-acid battery […]

What Type of Battery Do You Need for Your RV?

RV Batteries Part 1

RV Batteries Part 1 There are three types of batteries available on the market for use in RV’s. Flooded Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Flooded batteries are the most commonly used battery on the market today. They utilize a combination of lead plates, a sulfuric acid electrolyte, and plate separators to in […]

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