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The falcon represents vision and freedom.  Those two qualities come together at Falcon RV with our commitment to help you find your inner falcon and take flight. Our story began as children who loved going RVing with our family. We would pack up our 1972 Revcon and travel around the country while dad made sales calls on department stores for his yarn business.  Many of our best memories came from those trips;  tail-gating at football games, seeing Big Sur, sitting 4-wide across the front seat so we all could see, and even getting stuck in the desert with an overheated engine on our way to Las Vegas.  During the recession in the 1980’s, we sadly had to let that Revcon go, but the freedom it provided had settled in our hearts.  

Years later, after having our own children, that desire to leave the never-ending work commitments behind was nagging. For years we kept thinking about “doing it” …getting back into the RV-lifestyle to get a piece of that freedom we felt as kids.  We kept dragging our feet though, until in 2012, our 34-year old little sister was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. It was terrible blow to our family when she passed away after losing her battle 3 years later. As we grieved deeply, we decided that we could not keep putting our dreams on hold. Life is short and we had to stop saying, “someday” to our freedom.  We searched hard and found a classic beauty in an Oklahoma garage with low miles that needed “just a little” work.  That same 1995 Vogue has seen 26 states and created countless memories for our own children.  Now, as owners of Falcon RV Storage Center, we help our tenants keep their dreams of freedom and adventure rolling down the road by providing quality storage for their toys – big or small – between the road-trips.

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