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Finding the right spot to store your RV, boat, or trailer is important. As an RV or boat owner, you need a storage unit that is fully secure and readily accessible, but also affordable. We have good news! Our storage units are the perfect place to keep your RV, boat, or trailer all year.

Yes, our units are better! They are wider; all of our units feature metal construction, concrete floor, fluorescent lights, and 20-amp electric outlets. Each unit has its own metal, roll-up door with a unique lock. We also have some units with Automatic Garage Door Openers.

Protect your investments from the Texas sun, freezing temperatures, and nature’s wear and tear by storing it inside a garage you can lock, all year long.


Note: All storage unit doors are 14 feet tall and 12 feet wide.

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Why Choose Falcon RV Storage?

At Falcon RV, we have fully enclosed steel garages with roll-up doors. Our storage units come in several different sizes: 
32′, 44′, 48′, and 56-foot in length.  Our tall doors and ceiling heights give maximum flexibility for over-sized storage needs.

We work hard to accommodate your storage needs and are always standing by ready to assist.

Our facility is modern and is fully secured. You can trust your valuable RV, boat, or trailer with us. Some of the key features of our Humble, Texas storage facility include:

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