#1 – Call 911 if you suspect a fire in a storage unit. Your well-being is our primary concern.

You may have heard that another storage facility recently had a fire. During one incident in the Houston area, a small electrical fire was safely managed by the fire department.  What you may not have realized (and neither had we), was how much physical damage was done to the garages by the firefighters while they searched for the source of the fire. Multiple garage doors were cut down, tenant property was damaged, and tenants were displaced.  Thankfully, no one was injured, but many were left with lingering expenses.

Falcon RV & Boat Storage would like to remind our tenants of two important items in your lease (TSSA Lease):

  1. A complete list of items that are not allowed to be stored in your garage is listed in Paragraph 36 (Storage Rules); including but not limited to gasoline, oil, grease, flammable chemicals, fertilizer, fireworks, batteries, hazardous materials, and many more. For a complete list prohibited materials or a copy of your lease, please contact us at storage@falconrv.com or stop in the front office.
  2. We do NOT insure your property. It is your responsibility to maintain insurance in the event of damage to your items while they are being stored or moved around the facility. Refer to your lease in Paragraphs 20, 27, and 35 about TENANT RESPONSIBILITY in case of all imaginable disasters, theft, fire, etc. You’ll find it underlined and in CAPS three times in your lease.

Falcon RV expects that our tenants, being responsible for their own property, and for the protection of all the tenants, are maintaining appropriate renter’s or “GAP” insurance on their own stored property.  Falcon RV & Boat Storage does not resell or profit from your personal insurance policies, like many other storage facilities do. We suggest that you work directly with a company that will specialize in your needs such as TenantOne (MINICO) or RV Gap Protection.  Do not wait for a problem to check with your insurer to be sure that you are covered.  Falcon RV is not responsible for your expenses if there is a loss or damage to your property per your signed lease. Please let us know if you need a copy to read.

Secondary damage caused by firefighters during search for fire source.

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