RV & Boat Storage Safety: Protecting from Fire Disaster

aftermath of fire

#1 – Call 911 if you suspect a fire in a storage unit. Your well-being is our primary concern. You may have heard that another storage facility recently had a fire. During one incident in the Houston area, a small electrical fire was safely managed by the fire department.  What you may not have realized […]

What to Know About Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries and Your RV

rv battery

RV Batteries Part 5 Absorbed Glass Matt, or AGM, batteries are lead-acid batteries. So, for the most part act quite similar to their flooded cousins and should be mostly treated as such. The advantages to AGM batteries are that they are sealed so acid will not spill out or boil out, and you do not […]

Discovering Flooded Batteries for Your RV

van life

RV Batteries Part 4 Flooded batteries design has changed little in over 80 years while the manufacturing processes and internal containers have improved. But the basic components and the chemistry have not changed much. They are the most widely available, and in most cases, the most cost effective of the three types for RV use. […]

What is a Deep Cycle Battery?

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RV Batteries Part 3 Deep cycle batteries are designed to be regularly deeply discharged using most of its capacity. Deep cycle battery plates tend to have thicker plates with higher-density paste material and thicker separators. The thicker battery plates resist corrosion through extended use. These lead-acid batteries can be either Flooded or Absorbed Glass Mat […]

How to Choose a Starting Battery for Your RV

How to pick a starter battery for your rv

RV Batteries Part 2 What affects the life of your RV batteries? It comes down to two simple steps: how you care for them physically, and how they are used. Today in this post, we want to focus on how you use your battery. The two things that shorten the life of any lead-acid battery […]

What Type of Battery Do You Need for Your RV?

RV Batteries Part 1

RV Batteries Part 1 There are three types of batteries available on the market for use in RV’s. Flooded Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Flooded batteries are the most commonly used battery on the market today. They utilize a combination of lead plates, a sulfuric acid electrolyte, and plate separators to in […]

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